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When You Fly

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

A letter to my children.


My Dear Little One,

I will never forget the moment that I saw your sweet face for the first time. All the pain and fear from the hours before vanished faster than you could imagine. Suddenly, it was just you and I in the room, everyone and everything else was just a blur in the background. When I held you in my arms for the very first time and you snuggled close to my heart, I felt a bond that I knew would never break.

When you were three months old and would look at me with those innocent eyes, I could see how much you loved me. When you cried I could soothe you, when you were hungry I could feed you, when you were tired I could rock you to sleep. You looked at me like I was the only thing you would ever need, and it filled my heart with so much joy.

When you took your first steps I was proud beyond words, my sweet little baby was getting so big. The pitter patter of your feet as you ran through the halls of our home, the way you would run to me when you wanted held; these moments will linger in my heart forever. You were growing up so fast! Oh but little did I know...

You found your strong will when you turned a year, so determined to do things your way. Gone were the days of cuddling on the couch, you just wanted to explore and play. Breaking your way through child locks, trying to get in to everything you knew you should not, I knew soon enough you were much too smart for me.

I watched you grow day after day, every time I blinked you had learned something new. The more you learned the more independent you grew, and the less you would run for mama to hold.

How quickly my small infant became so big. What happened to my little baby with those big innocent eyes, who would look at me full of love and awe? When did I stop being everything you could need?

I always knew this day would come, the day you would leave your safe little nest with me and fly out on your own. I knew I couldn’t hold on to you for ever, but how did this happen so soon? So as you take your first steps in the world on your own, please remember this.

I hope you never shy away from a challenge, and never are too scared to make a change.

Always let others see you for who you really are, and never negotiate on what you believe.

Don’t let the bitterness of this world dim the light of your smile, but let it shine for all to see.

Treat everyone you know with kindness, and show love to your enemy.

Be brave, be strong, go out and conquer the world, show all what you have to give.

And whether you've found your fame or are struggling to get by, never forget that I am here for you. Never forget that mama will always love you.

I put my heart and soul it to raising you well, and one day I will have to let you fly. But no matter how big you get or how rich or how smart, I will always look at you and see that small baby who made the rest of the world disappear. I will always look in your eyes and see the bright innocents that was once there. I will always hold on to the feeling of you snuggled up against me and remember when i was all you needed.

And if I shed a tear don’t think it’s due to sadness, it’s only from pride of what you’ve become. A mothers love is larger than any mountain, it’s special, unwavering, and can’t be undone.

And one day when I’m gone, which I hope will be so long from now, remember my child that I am still always with you. The thought of this day brings me so much fear, to think that one day I won’t be here to hold you when your scared, comfort you when you cry or protect you from evils that wander this place. As long as you live you will be my baby, and you’ll never grow so big that I wont worry for you.

And so with this I bring my letter to an end. Though you may never understand until you have one of your own, raising a child is the greatest honor one can hold. Now go out into the world and give it your all. Fight for what’s right, and don’t be too proud if you fall. This is your life baby, now go give it your all. Love, Mama

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