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mamas, this one’s for you ❤️

I can’t count how many times over the past two years I have caught myself on my phone searching for answers. From the moment I found myself pregnant with my son, wanting to know what was normal and what was not, to frantically looking through YouTube tutorials and articles on how to get baby to walk (he was a little late, I was a little paranoid). And when I found myself expecting #2 when my baby boy was only 6 months old, I spent hours searching for advice on how to balance my new life.

No matter how much I searched, the posts I found that were helpful were few and far between. I just wanted SOMEONE I could relate to, someone else who was having the same experiences, anxieties…fears. And when I did find helpful places I was turned off by the rude and hateful comments of judgmental people. I never felt comfortable asking questions or sharing my thoughts when every other comment was so cruel. Why risk being the next target?

Today, I am a full time mom of 2, work a full time job, and wife to an amazing husband. One thing I have learned already during my short time balancing all these new roles: Every day is a new adventure, and you can never fathom what a toddler is going to do next.

So that brings me here, to you! I want to share my stories, my questions and ideas with other mamas fighting their way through the daily grind. I want to write the posts that I could never find when I needed them. I want to share the experiences that I always wished someone was having too. From kids and work life balance, to housework, recipes, and how to save a dime here and there, I want to share my ideas with you and hope you will feel safe to share yours as well.

So mamas, this one’s for you.

I want to build a community where we have a safe place to speak. Where our voices are heard, where we can find others like us going through similar experiences. A place with helpful advice and feedback as opposed to cruel comments and slights. A place to inspire each other, share ideas and tips, and enjoy coming back to each day. So please, follow me on my journey through this crazy thing called life. They say it takes a village to raise children, let’s make a village of women bringing up women.


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